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Screening Bamboo

Screening bamboo can be used in many different ways. If you need a privacy fence between you and your neighbors, you can plant a live fence out of bamboo and control where it grows with barriers. If you live near a highway, screening bamboo can be used as a noise barrier to soften the harsh noises of traffic. These vary in size and can be trimmed to the height you want. Be careful to not plant these under power lines and any other overhead obstructions because they can cause damage.

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Name: Phyllostachys Angusta  Stone
Height: 25 ft / 7.6 m
Min. Temp: 0˚F / -18˚C
This is a very nice sized rare bamboo growing to a maximum diameter of 1.5". It is an excellent bamboo for craft work. In China, its native environment, it is used to make fishing rods and for weaving baskets. This bamboo sprouts in mid season and is not bitter to eat making it a good choice for shoots. Stone is a mid size bamboo that is also good for screening.
Name: Phyllostachys Aurea  Golden
Height: 27 ft / 8.2 m
Min. Temp: 0˚F / -18˚C
This is a small to medium sized bamboo that grows to a diameter of 1.75". Golden bamboo is also known as fish pole bamboo due to its slender, straight canes. This is probably the most common bamboo in the United States.
The shoots are good to eat with very little bitterness when eat raw. It does well in large pots and makes a very good hedge. This is good bamboo for walking canes, wind chimes, and many other crafts. Your imagination is the limit with bamboo crafts. Keep in mind, this bamboo will grow to a height that can interfere with power lines so choose your planting spot wisely.
Name: Phyllostachys Aurea  Koi
Height: 27ft / 8.2 m
Min. Temp: 0˚F / -18˚C
This is a rare and very attractive bamboo making it a prized bamboo for collectors. It can grow to a diameter to 1.75". Koi has a distinctive look due to its compressed nodes and alternating green stripe on the golden culms. This bamboo is great to use as a screen. It will add a unique beauty and depth to any landscape project.
Name: Phyllostachys Aureosulcata Alata
Height: 45 ft / 13.7 m
Min. Temp: -15˚F / -26˚C
This is the green version of yellow groove bamboo and is very similar. It can reach a diameter of 2.25". It is very cold hardy and also popular in the US and China. The shoots are great to eat raw or cooked with no bitterness. Choose a full sun site to plant this bamboo.
Name: Phyllostachys Aureosulcata f. Aureocaulis
Height: 34 ft / 10.4 m
Min. Temp: -15˚F / -26˚C
This is a yellow culm bamboo that may have some green striping on the lower nodes. It is an attractive addition that will add uniqueness and color to your collection. It's maximum diameter is 1.25". This rare bamboo is very cold hardy and great for screening.
Name: Phyllostachys Aureosulcata f. Spectabilis  Spectabilis
Height: 32 ft / 9.8 m
Min. Temp: -15˚F / -26˚C
The common name for this bamboo is Spectabilis. This is a medium sized bamboo growing to a diameter of 1.75". It is a very hardy bamboo, able to withstand negative temperatures and is great for screening. This bamboo is a very attractive yellow with green striping. This is a wonderful addition to anyone's landscape. A must have!
Name: Phyllostachys Bissetti
Height: 40 ft / 12.2 m
Min. Temp: -15˚F / -26˚C
This is a fast grower and can establish a grove quickly. It is an excellent choice for a hedge or screen. It can grow up to 2" in diameter and is cold hardy. This plant likes full sun and the early season shoots can be harvested.
Name: Phyllostachys Decora  Beautiful Bamboo
Height: 30ft / 9.1 m
Min. Temp: -11˚F / -23.9˚C
This is a medium sized bamboo that is quite hardy. It can grow up to 2" in diameter. This variety shoots in mid-season and is more tolerant to high PH, sandy soils, and drought/temperature extremes. This is an aggressive running bamboo so it will establish a beautiful grove quickly. It is great as a screening bamboo.
Name: Phyllostachys Heteroclada  Water Bamboo
Height: 33 ft / 10 m
Min. Temp: -5˚F / -21˚C
This is a medium sized plant growing to about 1.5" in diameter in a full sun location. This bamboo can be planted in short term flood plains (not swampy areas) that would otherwise drown most plants. It is also a great bamboo for erosion control. It is a hardy bamboo that is great for screening.
Name: Phyllostachys Heteroclada f. Purpurata
Height: 18 ft / 5.5 m
Min. Temp: 0˚F / -18˚C
This is a smaller bamboo that likes full sun and its maximum diameter is about 3/4". It should be planted in an area that has some wind protection yet away from overhead obstructions like power lines. It is a good screening bamboo.
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